Meditation alters brain structure

Some neurologists did a study of the brain activity of buddhist monks who have done 10,000 – 50,000 hours of meditation. The monks’ brain activity was compared with that of students new to meditation. It is part of the current interest in neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to restructure itself based on how it is used.
The article is here.

50,000 hours?

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3 Responses to Meditation alters brain structure

  1. Mike says:

    That’s almost 6 years if you do it straight. 25 years if you do it “full time.”

  2. Tim says:

    I’ll have to find a way to break it to Kate and the kids.

    Think what you could accomplished if you got thrown in jail for 20 years.

  3. Matt says:

    Clearly, I don’t have time for neuroplasticity. I’m stuck with this one.