Charlie is my Darling

learning to relax with a camera around

Charlie is my Darling is a documentary film of the 1965 Rolling Stones tour in Ireland. I saw it last night at Pepito’s Parkway Theatre. I think portions of it are available online, but this version features unreleased material and cleaned up audio. It was great to watch Keith Richards in motion after reading his autobiography. It becomes clear that he is a scion of some genius minstrel who survived the black plague by being especially entertaining. There are a lot of sequences of the group without their media masks on. For example, the group is trying to act cool and sip tea in public when a girl walks up behind Keith and pulls one of his hairs out. Kieth goes “yowwww!”.

They really tore it up on stage. After a Chuck Berry cover, which was awesome enough, they broke into an almost speed-metal version of Satisfaction that gave me chills. While the shows were great and featured the group running for their lives from fans, the best part for me was having a fly on the wall view of them as they hung around their hotel room working on new songs and singing some Elvis and Beatles songs and even some Dion. The songwriting parts where previously unreleased because they “gave away some of the magic.” Fortunately, that reasoning has expired and now we get to see the magic. Brian Jones seems very affected and maybe in the early stages of some mental illness.

Before the film, the theater played an obnoxiously loud video of the Stone’s recent release Doom and Gloom. It was great fun to see it with an theatre full of people. It is playing again on Sunday as part of a weekend-long “Stones Fest”.

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2 Responses to Charlie is my Darling

  1. Rob R. says:

    I didn’t know about this, but thanks for posting. I have re-re-discovered the Rolling Stones and this documentary sounds great.

    As you know, I live close to this theatre. But you didn’t stop by.

    How’s your dog?

  2. Tim says:

    Blackberry is fine. She is a people-loving, fun-loving dog. I would have stopped by but I was with my stones friends. You wouldn’t like my stones friends. They wear long scarfs and leopard skin vests, break stuff and piss in sinks.